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  1. Uh, that low altitude, fast mover was the Captain…in his gig…returning from liberty…and he’s going to be late.

  2. Combat, Mount 21, 100 rounds expended, gun bore clear, 1 apparent casualty. I never knew a seagull could do that.

  3. Scott Stroman on

    That’s affirmative, Combat. F/A 18, painted blue and gold. And he’s got a really pretty ‘chute.

  4. Scott Stroman on

    Uh, no, I thought YOU checked the firing cutouts. But never mind that. Just keep the Bos’n away from the Admiral’s barge until I’m outta here!

  5. Say again over? CEASE FIRE, we’ve got friendly’s in the water! Who is it? It’s a school of tuna fish and looks like class just got out sir.

  6. Scott Stroman on

    Catch one of the three wires and you’ll stop. If that doesn’t work, we use the barricade. And if that doesn’t work…..

  7. Uh Combat Mount 21, did someone forget to put the pin back in the loading cover? (True Story. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it makes quite a mess)

  8. (Over the headset) “Looks like there’s a jam. We need someone to go over
    there and shake the barrels a bit. Hey, we could get the lookout to do it.
    How many hands do you need to be a lookout?” One should always ensure to
    plug into the correct net.

  9. “Combat, uh…we need to make range and speed gate adjustments. On the bright side, the whole helo crew got out . On the bad side, there will be no movie tonight.”

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