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  1. Riansoccer10 on

    Dear Mother,
    Today we invaded…..Cancun. It was perilous, but we pushed through and showed no signs of weakness.

  2. Riansoccer10 on

    Lt.Pyle: Are you sure the distress call said Normandy?
    Gen. Norman, D: No no gentlemen, that was me, just thought I could get you to take care of the guy who stole my wallet….!?

  3. Sent via email May 14th at 5:44 pm by SFC Richard Hull:

    “By invading Congress’s private beach during one of their junkets, The Marines bluntly made the argument for additional training areas.”

  4. Ok, we’ve reached San Diego, now who is this Garcia fella we are looking for? No, Ensign, we were supposed to go to Diego Garcia, it’s in the Indian Oc…oh never mind.

  5. Gunny: Ok guys keep it down, we dont want the officers to here about this or they will take over beach landing operations.

  6. I told you it would work, just like in Sgt Bilko! That’s why they call me a “Master” sergeant!

  7. Pvt Bacon, what exactly did they mean at the Ops planning conference when they said, “Beach party rendezvous at 1600?”

  8. soldierofgod03 on

    “Send a message back to HQ…….the Marines have landed and the situation is well in hand!”

  9. The Senior Drill Instructor always said, “We Didn’t Promise You A Rose Garden.” That is OK with me, I would rather be here Sir!

  10. oladipoefunkoya on

    announcer: and for your entertainment….please give it up and show your love for soulja boyssssssssss!!!

    audience member: nice props, came with a ship.

  11. Sent via email May 15th at 12:25 pm by Richard Hull:

    For the locals, WWII reenactments on Saipan have become routine over the years.

  12. Sent via email May 15th at 12:25 pm by Richard Hull:

    “We’re here to pick up the General, he told us to meet outside the Waikiki Beach Hotel.”

  13. Sent via email May 15th at 12:25 pm by Richard Hull:

    “I think we’re a little overdressed for this operation.”

  14. Sent via email May 19th at 1:38 pm by LTC David Jensen:

    “Once again Team Scorpion arrives overdressed for the beach landing.”

  15. I didn’t know the Govenator could sell federal land we train on help solve the state budget crisis?

  16. Sent via email May 20th at 9:11 am by Peggy Allen:

    ” No wonder Ms. Pelosi denies having been at the waterboarding briefings!”

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