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  1. Now don’t you forget who has to sign your eval.
    No worries sir…..after this, the only thing you’ll be signing is a light duty chit.

  2. The sudden realization that “isometric exercise” was not enough hits him. A few seconds later the big guy hits him.

  3. The Ensign had a bad feeling that tomorrow’s headline would read “Chief’s Mess KO’s Wardroom in boxing smoker.”

  4. The words that the packing specialist used played over and over in his head: “I can box anything, any time.”

  5. Ens Murphy suddenly realizes that participating in “Smokers” does NOT mean enjoying a Havana with friends.

  6. BarefootSerpent on

    Did you ever feel like you were a pirate on a tiny boat in the middle of a vast ocean with nothing in front of you but a Naval Destroyer?

  7. Scott Stroman on

    The Command Fitness Coordinator suddenly realized that putting the BMC on the “Fat Boy Program” may have not been the best move…….

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