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  1. If I have to sit here and listen to him play that thing until midnight, I’m going to need more than just coffee and soda!!!

  2. Wooh…wooh…This duty section is the best on the waterfront! I’ve volunteered us to stand double watches and gave the other duty sections time off to celebrate the New Year!

  3. Let’s ring in the New Year with the sounds of the bells and some good ole fashion Navy training. Precisely at midnight, I want you to call away GENERAL QUARTERS!!!

  4. We are going to cross over the International Date Line today so I thought we could celebrate the New Year now sir……..Party horn anyone?

  5. The New Years Eve USO tour was cancelled because of the economic recession so let’s just play musical chairs after my paper horn solo!

    I never thought Officer “KNIFE AND FORK” school would be so much fun! Does anybody know when we get to salute?

  7. Despite his leadership by example, the Command Duty Officer was unable to convince the duty section leaders that duty on New Year’s Eve was not so bad.

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