The spirit of the season is waterproof


We had a caroling party this weekend, and it was great. You should try it. And if you do, here are some helpful lessons learned to keep in mind.

1. People aren’t used to having their doorbells rung at night these days, and they’re reluctant to open their doors to a mob of 20 people they have never seen before.

“Is that…the doorbell? Something terrible must have happened.”
(After looking through the peep hole) “There’s a gang standing in our yard! Get the shotgun and CALL 911!”

2. (Related to #1) Repeated ringing of the doorbell does not encourage the inhabitants to open the door, and doesn’t get them there any faster.

3. (Related to #2) Six year olds tend to ring the doorbell over and over and over again.

4. If the forecast is for snow, it might rain.

5. (Related to #4) Have more than one umbrella in the house.

6. (Related to #5) Know where the one umbrella is.

7. (Related to #6) People dress up for caroling parties. But if they get wet they look like cast members from Rocky Horror Picture show.

8. (Related to #2 and #7) People don’t like to open the door for cast members from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

9. (Related to #4) Paper music melts in the rain.

10. (Related to #9) People don’t know the second verse of Oh Come All Ye Faithful by heart.

That should do it! It’s a grand old tradition and we had a blast. Most people eventually did open their doors, and some even joined in with us. By the time we got to the last house, the spirit of Christmas was alive once again. It was perfect, even though it rained.

Which reminds me of a couple more lessons learned.

11. (Related to #4) If you were (or are) a Navy meteorologist and you choose the date for a caroling party, it will rain.
12. (Related to #11) If it rains, don’t tell them you were (or are) a Navy meteorologist.


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