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  1. CAPT Smith looks in is stocking and was disapointed, it was empty. What’s this he thinks, I was a good boy, I only sank two ships this year.

  2. Sent via email December 11th at 7:27 am by Barbara:

    RADM (lower half) Atkins wondered what his kids would think of him if he pulled rank on Santa to put something in his stocking.

  3. The RADM was looking for the perfect gift that his wife had promised him and he didn’t get. And what is the perfect gift for a RADM (lower half) The other half.

  4. RDML Smith quickly learned that his excessive taunting of the Army General after Navy’s 34-0 victory over Army, was not appropriate, at least in Santa’s eyes.

  5. MORAL DILEMMA – Having come up the ranks in the JAG, he understood the $20 maximum gift value clause in the regulations, and knew that the clump of coal he got was worth much more…

  6. The admiral’s stocking was empty because he was burned up about the half-ashed fire he found when he came down the chimney!

  7. CORRECTION: The admiral’s stocking was empty because SANTA was burned up about the half-ashed fire he found when he came down the chimney.

  8. BGEN Jones: “Top, get your butt in here. Now!”…er…”Honey, would you please come in here for just a minute?”

    BAILOUT money roasting on an open fire,
    Obama whipping out a fire hose,
    Yuletide carols being sung by congress,
    and nobody really, really knows.

  10. All year long I thought Santa was just joking about streamlining, downsizing and management reshaping at the North Pole.

  11. O’kay when I first looked at this stocking I thought to myself, is it half full or half empty? I didn’t expect it to but FULL EMPTY!

  12. “HEY HONEY YOUR NOT GOING TO BEILEVE THIS”………From the film makers of “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, this Holiday Season you can enjoy, “Honey I shrunk the Kids, Santa, his Reindeer and some Elves”

  13. Army conversation:
    Wife: Nothing in the stocking, Hoah?
    BGEN: Hoah.
    Wife: Better luck next year, Hoah?
    BGEN: Hoah that.

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