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  1. The Devil Dogs always knew the Commandant was “in to” the Marine Corps birthday celebration, but that was about to have a whole new meaning.

  2. An instant later, everyone rose with thunderous applause as R. Lee Ermy burst from the cake and gave the General a healthy dose of “Birthday Bash”.

  3. Calling on the skills learned during his Recon days, the Commandant grabbed a knife, cut the cake into perfectly proportioned slices, and had everyone served before a crumb hit the ground.

  4. Sent via email Nov 9th at 8:12 am by John Meacher:

    Instantly the Commandant thought “ 233 pushups…too easy. 233 days on KP…getting warmer. 233 days on IA KP orders to Afghanistan…better!”

  5. Much like their careers are about to do, Corporals Jones and Smith watch The Corp’s Birthday cake slide into a bad place.

  6. The Navy, not invited to the party, joins the Marines in celebrating their birthday with a few steering casualty control drills.

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