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I got some sage advice today from Donn, an Air Force vet. He said that we have been fixated on Tuesday for two years now. We have discussed it, debated it, argued about it, and what has it all gotten us? On Tuesday night, about half of us will be happy and half of us upset with the results. Tuesday has dominated our thoughts, to the detriment of the rest of the days of the week.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that there are other aspects of life to keep in mind. His point was that we need to remember to take some time to reflect and worship our God. I couldn’t agree more, although I might expand his recommendation to include some other things that are important too.

We need to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women serving our country right now, and they’ll still be there on Wednesday morning. They need our unwaivering support.

We must never forget those who have fought for our ability to hold a peaceful election. Some never made it back, and some have suffered terrible injuries to body and soul. None of them sacrificed for naught. It is because of them that we can go to the election booth without fear of reprisal.

We need to remind ourselves that despite the dispair with which we are confronted every time we turn on the television, ours is the best place on earth to live, to raise a family, and to enjoy our lives, unshackled by tyrannical leadership or repressive thugs who would hold us down.

Election day is important because our lives will be affected by its aftermath. But look beyond the results and take delight in the magical process that lies beneath it all – a process that continues regardless of who wins. On one day in November, millions of American citizens will stand in line to perform one of the most sacred rights we have – the right to vote for our leaders. Filter out the rancor, the negative ads, the talking points, and what you find is the soul of the United States of America. It is there that we should spend our time.


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