Last weekend


What did you do last weekend?

For some, last weekend was spent in solemn tribute.


September 19th was National POW/MIA Recognition Day. At a ceremony held at the Pentagon, Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England said, “Over the past 230-plus years, a promise has been made to the men and women who wear the cloth of our nation. However long it takes. Whatever it takes. Whatever the cost. No American will be left behind.”

September 21st was “A time of Remembrance“, an annual tribute to – and celebration of – the lives of those who have died fighting in the war on terrorism. It is also a time to honor the families left behind, as well as other veterans who have served our nation.

One of the many speakers was Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr., whose own father died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam.

He said, “Throughout our history, our freedom and the freedom of others has been bought by the sacrifice and selfless service of men and women like those we honor today and whose memories are enshrined in the memorials that surround us. I know that you will never forget the loss of your parent, but know that we share your grief and I share your perspective. And I pray that you will remember that your parent died in the service of this great country, doing what they believed in to maintain your ability to live, grow and prosper in freedom.” (DefenseLink)

To our POW/MIA and to those who grieve the loss of a loved one, you have our greatest respect and solemn vow that we will never forget.


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