Changing of the Guard


General David Petraeus

Almost lost amid the news dominated by financial turmoil was another huge story – a changing of the guard in Iraq, when General David Petraeus was relieved by General Raymond Odierno.

Secretary of Defense Gates said, “When General Petraeus took charge 19 months ago, darkness had descended on this land. Merchants of chaos were gaining strength. Death was commonplace. Around the world, questions mounted about whether a new strategy – or any strategy, for that matter – could make a real difference.

“Slowly, but inexorably, the tide began to turn. Our enemies took a fearsome beating they will not soon forget. Reinforced and fortified by our own people, the soldiers of Iraq found new courage and confidence. And the people of Iraq, resilient and emboldened, rose up to take back their country.” (DefenseLink)

General Odierno served under General Petraeus and is serving his third tour in Iraq. By all accounts, our troops there are in good hands.

General Raymond Odierno

General Petraeus will move to CENTCOM, where he’ll apply his expertise to a wider theater. I never served under the General, but I wish I had. Well done, sir, well done.


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