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  1. Sent via email May 5th at 9:12 am by John Meacher:

    “Mixed dungarees with the flight deck jerseys again, huh? SUPPO says purple to the fuel division and blue to the handlers.”

  2. Sent via email May 6th at 5:44 am by Joseph Fitzpatrick:

    How am I supposed to do my DELICATES when these SHIP’S washers don’t have a DELICATE setting!

  3. Sent via email May 6th at 7:11 pm by
    HM2(FMF) Turtle:

    “What do you mean you didn’t take out the gig line before putting them in?!?”

    SH practical jokes for new joins.

  4. Rian Hudson on

    It was a good idea to put televisions in the laundry units, but it was a bad idea to air the ‘Death At Sea’ special from the Discovery Channel.

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