A Navy Chief story


(Sent to me by Brad – origin unknown, but I’ll bet it was a Chief)


One day, a Navy Chief went to the Officers’ Club with his Captain to eat lunch.

When they entered the main dining room, they found the place was quite crowded.

They did notice three Lieutenants sitting at a table with two empty chairs, so the Captain asked them if they could join them. They promptly invited them to join them.

They ordered lunch and joined them in conversation as they ate. At one point, the Chief mentioned that he had observed characteristics about many officers from which he could determine the source of their commissioning.

The Lieutenants were eager to hear about this and asked if he could tell how each of them had been commissioned.

The Chief turned to the Lieutenant on his left and said he went through ROTC. The Lieutenant confirmed that was correct and asked how he had noted this. The Chief replied that the Lieutenant, through his conversation, seemed to have a strong academic background, but limited military experience.

The Chief then told the Lieutenant on his right that he had gone through OCS with previous enlisted service. The Lieutenant confirmed that this was correct and also asked how he had determined this. The Chief said, again through his conversation, that the Lieutenant seemed to have a firm military background and a lot of common sense.

The Lieutenant across the table from the Chief asked if he had determined his source of commission. The Chief replied that the Lieutenant had graduated from the United States Naval Academy.

The Lieutenant stated that was correct and asked if he had noticed his high level of intelligence, precise military bearing, or other superior qualities acquired at the United States Naval Academy. The Chief replied that it was none of these that led to his determination. He had simply observed the Lieutenant’s class ring while he was picking his nose.

You just can’t take those Navy Chiefs anywhere.


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