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  1. Hey buddy, turn that light out! You’re gonna get me kil……..BELLS!!! You’ve gotta be kidding?!?! Who’s your supervisor??? (Ho Ho Ho)

  2. Sent via email by Barbara Blietz:

    Rudolph the red-nosed sailor, had a very shiny gun,
    And If you ever saw it, you would get the urge to run.
    ( even the reindeer looked at him funny.)

  3. Go down to the second hut make a left, fly until you see a crumbled palace and then fly straight on until morning and you will be in D.C.

  4. I voted for Btolbert’s entry above. That says it all. Merry Christmas to all members of our Armed Forces around the world. Thank You.

  5. “The big guy wants to know if you could Ho-Ho-Hold your fire till the sleigh passes over. Silent night around here ain’t what it used to be.”

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