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  1. BarefootSerpent on

    This ain’t Let’s Make a Deal, soldier. Monty Hall’s not going to give you a prize.
    Just pick any door.

  2. These units have been sitting in the desert heat for six weeks now, Private Partz. If you’re going in there with nothing but a helmet, you’ll find out what it means to be Army Strong.

  3. What do you mean there were eight here yesterday, and ten the day before? Who would want to steal our little cubicles of solitude?

  4. One potato, two potato, three potato, four…
    Scissors, Rock, Paper….
    Minnie, Minie, Moe….
    Hey Dude, Just pick one!!!

  5. Ever since Drew Carey replaced Bob Barker on the ‘Price is right’ show, they’ve had to widen the doors a bit….huh?

  6. Sgt. John- Wait wait, I’ve seen this before…..on Monsters Inc. Alright, these doors lead to the bedrooms of little kids, and we have to scare them!
    Sgt. Todd- Dude, you’re losing it! Drink some water!

  7. BarefootSerpent on

    As you took your seat this morning
    You didn’t know there’d be a warning.
    The horn went off and you departed
    So now you’re back all broken-hearted.

    The air raid’s over and all is clear
    You’re sure you dropped your rifle here.
    You say that as you ran for shelter
    You lost it in the helter-skelter.

    It’s true that we can never choose
    Where we’ll find the things we lose
    But since every stall looks like the other,
    You’ll have to search them all, my brother.

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