Doc Worley


(Vets for Freedom)

I was browsing through the “Vets for Freedom” website the other day, and this story caught my eye. More correctly, it took my breath away.

This is the story of a Navy Corpsman who, while running to the aid of several wounded Marines, was hit by an IED. The explosion ripped off his left leg. He applied his own tourniquet, then began to drag himself toward the Marines who needed him. AK47 rounds tore into the ground, and eventually found his right leg – 5 rounds in all. He didn’t stop.

When he got to the Marines he applied first aid and instructed others in life saving procedures until the area had been secured.

As Vets for Freedom says in its article, “What makes men like Doc Worley perform acts of uncommon valor is a steadfast dedication for the mission and undying selfless dedication to his comrades.”

Now, out of uniform, the Doc continues to lead the charge. The article continues, “Doc Worley is a passionate and articulate supporter of the mission today in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a founding member of Vets for Freedom and is currently medically retired from the Navy. For his brave actions, he was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for Valor.”

Doc, you’re our hero of the week.

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