What you don’t see on T.V.


I was priviledged to receive an email that described some correspondence between son and father. The son is a Marine in Iraq, in one of the “bad spots.” When he first arrived, less than a year ago, there was, “…no base and a lot of fighting.” The Marines lived like Marines have lived for generations – in the field. No showers, no clean laundry. Sleep was limited to four or five hours.

“But that was then…” In some recent telephone calls, the Marine tells his father that, “…they have established a Marine base, stabilized the town, have re-established local police security, re-opened schools and gotten the general population to voluntarily help the police and Marines to identify and locate the bad guys. He said most everybody, including Marines, could now walk through the town without undo concern for their safety. He is proud of what the Americans have done but he gives a lot of the credit to (getting) trusted police in place. It seems the Marines still fight bad guys occasionally but are mostly in a support role. ”

The reason his father sent the email was because his son, “…was surprised his father hadn’t heard about the good things that were happening. ”

Well, now you have.


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