Those who serve


Maybe it is because I am in the nation’s capital and rode on the metro today through Arlington National Cemetery. Maybe it is because all day today we talked about veterans and the qualities they possess. I don’t know. But tonight I stumbled upon this now-older video that not only encapsulates what the American troops are, it also brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. I have posted it before, but it has been a while. The men and women who are spoken of are still out there, serving proudly. The spirit described in the words has…



It is cold outside, and I don’t mean chilly. I mean down-to-the-bone cold. Can’t feel your fingers cold. I would complain about it, but we are approaching the sixty-fourth anniversary of the battle at Chosin Reservoir, and it just doesn’t seem right. For those not familiar with Chosin, read this brief excerpt from “On Nov. 27, 1950, the Korean War looked over but for the victory parade. Allied forces had chased the North Korean army for two months from the southern tip of South Korea and sat poised at the Yalu River, the North’s border with China. On that…

United States Marine Corps


It is not an inclusive service, unless you are one of them. They welcome men and women from all walks of life, but only if they can prove themselves worthy. They can be terrible, but only to those who consider the United States their enemy. To those who hate us, the Marines are the manifestation of ferocity and brutal efficiency. They exist because we needed warriors, and warriors they are. They are not soft – not even close – but even in the most desperate hours they show compassion to the innocent victims of tyranny, oppression and the cruelties of…

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